People decide to seek therapy for many reasons.  You might feel sad, stressed, worried or overwhelmed.  You just experienced a traumatic event or a great loss. You are trying to change maladaptive patterns in your life.  You want a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. The next step is finding the right therapist, and that can seem daunting.

I believe the connection you have with your therapist is the essential component needed in order to have a positive and productive experience in therapy.  

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I am empathic, collaborative, and provide support in a safe and 

respectful environment.  I look forward to helping guide you in your journey toward growth and healing.  



I utilize an integrative approach, where I draw from various treatment modalities and principles including Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Somatic, Mindfulness-based, Experiential, Emotionally Focused and Psychodynamic therapies in order to identify your goals and create an effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.  My practice primarily encompasses individual and couples counseling.  

Treatment may take a few sessions for brief, solution-focused therapy, or longer if issues stemming from family of origin will be explored.  I work with different cultures, ages, backgrounds and professions, and enjoy learning from my clients.

When working with couples, I draw from an Emotionally Focused Therapy perspective. I help with healing ruptured connections by discovering negative patterns of interaction, identifying unmet needs, building empathy, and most significantly, instilling hope.

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